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Tanqueray Grapefruit Fizz

06-07-2018 0

If you are hosting a summer-party and want to surprise your guests with an extraordinary cocktail, we recommend an alternative to the classic Italian aperitif - Tanqueray Grapefruit Fizz.


Tanqueray No. TEN

270 ml

Bitter Aperol

90 ml

Pink grapefruit juice

240 ml

Tonic water

960 ml


Handful of pink grapefruit wedges for decoration


🕒 1 minute
1. Pre-cool large wine glasses.
2. Finely slice half a grapefruit.
3. Fill the glass jug with ice.
4. Add gin Tanqueray No.TEN, bitter Aperol, pink grapefruit juice and tonic.
5. Stir everything nicely.
6. Add handful of pink grapefruit wedges.
7. Pour the finished cocktail into glasses, filled with fresh ice.
8. Garnish each glass with an additional wedge of pink grapefruit and enjoy!
A simple cocktail with a refreshing citrus flavor will be a perfect addition to a hot summer evening. As an alcoholic base, we use Tanqueray No.TEN – British super-premium quadruple-distilled gin.



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