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Gastronomic Space, unique printed magazine, is going into orbit of Ukrainian gastronomy
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On 12 April 2018, on the International Human Space Flight Day, there will be presented a unique professional printed magazine which aims at making the Ukrainian gastronomic culture popular and the process of its efficient and often effective integration in the world space of gastronomy. The magazine is founded by a Kyiv-based chef Yevhen Menzelevskyi, who is famous for his work at Green Tangerine Hanoi in Hanoi (Vietnam) as well as Kyiv restaurants Tin Tin and Slurp besides being the author of the first Culinary School Asia 1.0 in Ukraine; a Kyiv political theorist, founder of Barout and inspirer of a cult Ukrainian bar Maksym Andruschenko, and Mykhailo Parapan, a cofounder of PostEat, a digital publishing platform devoted to gastronomic industry.

Gastronomic Space is a unique professional and niche journal which focuses on crucial questions regarding the development of Ukrainian and global gastronomy. The project founders emphasize that the key task of this periodical is in uniting the community of Ukrainian cooks, restaurant owners and investors, restaurant critics and bloggers, as well as guests to form an adequate gastronomic culture, which the Ukrainian society currently lacks. Forming gastronomic order from the chaos in the consciousness is a key mission of Gastronomic Space.

There will be only 500 copies of the magazine due to it is a limited edition. The languages of the journal will be Ukrainian and English. The first thematic issue of Gastronomic Space is called “Vol. 1. Let’s go” and includes around a dozen interviews with Ukrainian and world chefs.

From the 21 March, you can read the opinions of the chefs who have been interviewed for the first issue on PostEat and preorder the magazine.

You may preorder magazine here:

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