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Dutch Mule

10-08-2018 0

An easy group drink that is ideal for summer on the terrace, this take on the classic Moscow Mule swaps a Russian base for crisp Ketel One Vodka.


*serves 6

  1. 300ml of Ketel One Vodka;
  2. 1,200ml of ginger beer;
  3. 180ml of fresh lime juice;
  4. Angostura bitter;
  5. Ice;
  6. Lime wedges.


  • Add ice to a jug
  • Add 300ml of Ketel One Vodka, 1,200ml of ginger beer and 180ml of fresh lime juice;
  • Add ten dashes of Angostura bitter and stir;
  • Add a few wedges of lime;
  • Serve in individual highball glasses over ice;
  • Garnish each drink with a lime wedge.



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