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Bulleit Bourbon Lemon & Tonic

13-07-2018 0

Who said that whiskey is an exceptionally winter drink. We offer to prepare a summer cocktail Bulleit Bourbon Lemon & Tonic. The astringency of lemon, the sweetness of bourbon, the barely perceptible bitterness of the tonic make the drink a good addition to a summer evening.


  1. 50 ml of Bulleit Bourbon whiskey;
  2. 200 ml of tonic;
  3. Ice.


  • Fill a Collins glass with ice;
  • Add 50 ml of Bulleit Bourbon whiskey and 200 ml of tonic water;
  • Coat the rim of the glass with the juice from a lemon wedge and squeeze the remaining juice into the glass;
  • Decorate with another slice of lemon and serve!



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