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Mur Mur rating 5* from The Ukrainian Connoisseur Club for service, decor, ambience and of course cuisine !!!
22-08-2017 0 3477

For the first time in our 15 year history TUCC held one of its events on a Sunday and the venue was the Carte Blanche group’s new restaurant Mur Mur.

TUCC event started with an aperitif from the head mixologist of the Carte Blanche group Karolis Urbonavicius who is already known to TUCC Connoisseurs from the Chi restaurant event in September 2016. This time Carolis offered guests to try cocktail #23 for ladies and Aged Bulvardier for gentleman.

At 19.30 the dinner started. Terry greeted guests and introduced people who were responsible for the dinner: the head chef Alexander Golovachev and head sommelier Bohdan Shevchenko. Then Terry suggested to guests to participate in a quiz about Pacific nations. The prize was a bottle of Spanish wine

Chef Alexander Golovachev presented a menu that he had developed especially for Mur Mur where he combined the latest trends of Peruvian, Mexican, Hawaiian, Spanish and European cuisines and adapted them to Ukrainian tastes.

For the cold starter Alexander suggested guests to try a traditional Hawaiian salad – Poke bowl with quinoa, tuna, edamame, tobiko, nori dressed with soy sauce.

While Alexander was explaining about the menu diner’s glasses started to be filled with Cava Brut Rose, Vincente Gandia.

The next course was a Chilean hot appetizer – Cheese Soup with Jalapeno and Bacon. It is not so easy to choose a suitable wine for soup, but sommelier Bohdan met the challenge by choosing Verdejo, Marques de Toledo. 5 points for his choice!

During the break before the main course, the results of the quiz were announced. Terry handed a bottle of Marques de Carano Gran Reserva to the winner Vello Ehvert!

Time for the main course. The delicate flavour of Fillet Mignon was highlighted with a tomato salsa and avocado grilled in the josper – a Spanish developed closed grill. The main course was complemented with Crianza Oristan, Bodegas Losano.

For dessert the restaurant presented Caramel cheesecake with popcorn. It was so light that it just melted in the mouth. Almost all the guests gave it 5 points, but for the wine – Graham’s Porto Fine Ruby opinions were divided.

The combination of service, decor, ambience and of course the cuisine earned MurMur a 5* rating from our Connoisseurs. Congratulations!

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