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Ronin achieved a 5 star rating from The Ukrainian Connoisseur Club!
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On the 9th of November members of The Ukrainian Connoisseur Club gathered for the last time this year for our traditional dinner at the Ronin Restaurant.

Ronin is the first true Peruvian restaurant in Kyiv and was opened about 2 years ago as a part of  the Dima Borisov family of restaurants.  The menu of the restaurant combines smoothly Spanish, Chinese and Japanese types of Peruvian cuisine so even the most sophisticated gourmet will find something interesting and original.

The event started with a small delay as the traffic was so heavy in Kyiv that evening so not all of our guests could arrive on time. Therefore, we waited.

As always the dinner started with a ring of the bell. TUCC Chairman Terry Pickard presented to guests those who were responsible for the dinner and wine namely Viola Kim the general manager of the restaurant, Natalia Strilchuk — the sous chef and Yuriy Andreitsev who is the head sommelier.

The first cold appetizer was yellowfin tuna tiradito with leche de tigre sauce, ponzujelly and chives — complemented with Chivite Las Fincas an amazingly fresh rose from Spain with a gentle colour and flavour.

Dinner continued with scallops served with salad and kumquat served on a puree of colourful potatoes and fried vegetables served with Katzrin Yarden Chardonnay — barrel-aged Chardonnay from Israel with a fantastic aroma of pear, lemon, melon, flowers and with an unforgettable rich balanced taste. As you probably understand this wine was a discovery for me; …the first but not the last…!

For the main course the restaurant suggested us to try their filet mignon with yam cream, vegetables and yuzu-truffle sauce served with Carmenera Max Reserva 2009  from one of the best producers of wines of Chile Errazuriz Carmenere.

In addition for dessert a traditional Japanese Mochi with mango and white chocolate complemented with a traditional Japanese digestif Akashi-Tai Umeshu an amazing premium plum sakeand this was my second favourite wine of the evening.

The main surprise of the evening was the  scores of 7s and 8s out of 5 to many questions; the only conclusion was therefore that the restaurant was that good!

So, it was not a surprise that the restaurant achieved a TUCC 5 star certificate of excellence! Congratulations and big gratitude to the whole Ronin team for an amazing evening!

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