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5 stars were awarded to Kureni!
29-08-2017 0 2602

Terry Pickard


Despite the best attempts of the weather and the traffic in central Kyiv to hinder us our Connoisseurs managed to arrive at the КУРЕНИ more or less on time.

However with the temperature having dropped by 17° between Monday to Tuesday evening the idea of al fresco dining rather lost its appeal so the restaurant’s waiting staff gathered everything from the table setting and moved us to the cozy dining room on the ground floor and we got started and in the end only delayed by about half an hour.

For starter guests tried seasonal salad of watermelon with brynza cheese. The fresh taste of watermelon was underlined by Prosecco spumante, Zonin

The following hot appetizer – a soup of zucchini with smoked chicken decorated with flowers of zucchini, stuffed with chanterelles amazed our guests.

For the main course, TUCC guests we suggested to choose between Pikeperch with tiger shrimps and zucchini spaghetti served with Chardonnay, Luis Felipe Edwards

and Veal in ashes on a puree of a baked apple with wild blueberries served with Cabernet-Sauvignon, Luis Felipe Edwards

Secret dessert from Natalia Voloshina was chocolate cream with berries accompanied by Ararat cognac

And again this time there were 10 questions to answer this time all about Ukraine past and present and the clever winners collected a bottle of an excellent Spanish rioja to enjoy. The atmosphere was great, the company happy and the food, wine and service excellent and Kureni scored a well deserved 5*.

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